Civilised Separations

A civilised separation is a process that is specifically designed to help parents to work out the details of their separation in a way that is kind to each other and a huge relief for their children.

We know that what often gets in the way of coming to a mutually satisfactory arrangement after separating is the sense of anger, the sense of upset and the confusion about ‘what now?’

Bill can help you navigate your way through this whilst looking after both of you to the point whereby there is a desire for both of you to reach higher ground and to part with a sense of pride and knowledge that what you have done is going to be something that your children will appreciate for ever.



Bill can talk to your children to gain an understanding of their experience.

He will also talk to you, the parents, without shame or blame about your child's experience. Together you can construct some form of a new post-separation parenting alliance that will shield your children from the pain of the separation.



Bill can help both of you to work out how you will divide your assets and belongings so that there is a positive sense of you both separating with a sentiment that suggests, “I’m sorry it didn’t work out, let there be no residual unhappiness or unfinished business between us. Let’s both see if we can leave each other ready and able to begin the construction of our new lives.”


Family Law

Knowing what your legal rights are is important. Bill works in collaboration with family lawyers who are deeply committed to working things through, whilst also being mindful of the need for a positive outcome without the stress and cost of an adversarial legal process.



Bill is a qualified Counsellor and an accredited Dispute Resolution Practitioner and Child Consultant. He has worked for over 17 years as a child consultant and a mediator and managed and supervised the clinical practice of mediators across six Family Relationship Centres in Sydney, Australia.

This work has led Bill to develop an innovative and effective model of practice, which responds to the current challenges of the family law system when working with parents who struggle to come to amicable arrangements with each other. It has long been recognised that the consequences of entrenched parental conflict on children is extremely detrimental to their psychological and emotional wellbeing and that the children’s primary concern is usually about how well their parents get on with each other.

Bill is now able to offer a unique opportunity for parents in the UK to help them to come to collaborative agreements with each other that will allow their children to thrive in the knowledge that both their parents will be able to work together. This will allow the children to feel more secure and reduce their anxiety and distress. 

Bill is a popular public speaker who has presented at numerous conferences and events worldwide. He regularly appears in the media where he contributes to discussions on topical issues relating to counselling, mediation and family matters.