I help people who wish to provide a harmonious environment for their children as they separate amicably.

Relational Mediation

Relational Mediation can be used with families where children are in danger of trauma due to parental conflict. This process can assist parents in high conflict to move from a position of absolute blame of each other to one of mutual support through being facilitated to recognise and acknowledge their own role in keeping the conflict alive. This acknowledgement brings about an innate reduction in blame because it is impossible to hold someone else completely responsible when you have recognised that you have played a role in your own circumstances.

Once acquired, this newly found recognition will build resilience in parents and in turn their family. It will also help parents to avoid future conflict due to a greater understanding of the relational ingredients that ensure post separation family harmony.

Furthermore once the parents have committed to no longer diminishing each other’s care-giving capacity, but rather to an ethic of bringing out the best in each other for the sake of their children, the environment the children live in will become less traumatic and their healthy developmental processes, previously stalled, can restart.


Child Inclusive Practice

Child Inclusive Practice is an intervention that adds value to the Family Dispute Resolution Process. The intervention is aimed at assisting parents to develop a child focused developmental parenting plan that is specifically tailored to the needs of their children.

It is outcome based, however its roots are in a therapeutic conversation or feedback to parents that is designed to shift the focus away from parental conflict to a focus on the children’s needs and ongoing support.

Research indicates that Child Inclusive Practice has far reaching benefits for children and families and has shown that parenting plans have a better chance of success when Child Inclusive Practice is used in Family Dispute Resolution.

The process of Child Inclusive Practice involves:

  • Individual interview with parents
  • Individual interview with child
  • Feedback about the child to parents
  • Follow up session with parents