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Clients stuck in a cycle of blame? Angry and unable to move on?

Clients stuck in a cycle of blame? Angry and unable to move on?

An intensive skills development course, using actors, for practitioners working with families entrenched in conflict. The workshop provides a strong practical focus on the subtle skills required to bring about a series of transformative shifts in parents, helping them to gain a broader perspective on why they are in conflict, what effect this has had on their children and how they might manage their future parental alliance.

What participants will learn

  • To gain an accessible and applicable working knowledge of attachment theory, neurobiology and trauma theory

  • How to help the parent to have ‘flashes of insight’ into how they are contributing to their conflict with the other parent

  • How to deeply engage with a parent without endangering impartiality and neutrality

  • To re-humanise the ‘other’ parent and to encourage empathy

  • Narrative therapy skills to ‘shift the blame’ away from the people and onto the problem - the relationship

Who is this for: Family lawyers, mediators, counsellors, child consultants and family therapists. Also applicable to anyone working with families or individuals who are struggling to thrive in intact families or post separation.

Cost: £460 (incl VAT) 12 hours of continuing development

Bookings: Tel 07414 826956 or 07770 751300