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Clients stuck in a cycle of blame? Angry and unable to move on?

Clients stuck in a cycle of blame? Angry and unable to move on?

An intensive skills development course, using actors, for practitioners working with families entrenched in conflict. The workshop provides a strong practical focus on the subtle skills required to bring about a series of transformative shifts in parents, helping them to gain a broader perspective on why they are in conflict, what effect this has had on their children and how they might manage their future parental alliance.

What participants will learn

  • To gain an accessible and applicable working knowledge of attachment theory, neurobiology and trauma theory

  • How to help the parent to have ‘flashes of insight’ into how they are contributing to their conflict with the other parent

  • How to deeply engage with a parent without endangering impartiality and neutrality

  • To re-humanise the ‘other’ parent and to encourage empathy

  • Narrative therapy skills to ‘shift the blame’ away from the people and onto the problem - the relationship

Who is this for: Family lawyers, mediators, counsellors, child consultants and family therapists. Also applicable to anyone working with families or individuals who are struggling to thrive in intact families or post separation.

Cost: £460 (incl VAT) 12 hours of continuing development

Bookings: Tel 07414 826956 or 07770 751300

CONFERENCE: Communicate 2016

Invitation to an evening with Bill Hewlett - Dealing with intractable children disputes in 2019

Dear ………

We are delighted to invite you to attend an evening with Bill Hewlett, child consultant and mediator, to consider how best to deal with intractable children disputes in 2019.

Bill Hewlett has worked for 17 years as a child consultant and a mediator and managed and supervised the clinical practice of mediators across six Family Relationship Centres in Sydney, Australia. This work has led Bill to develop an innovative and effective model of practice, which responds to the current challenges of the family law system when working with parents who struggle to come to amicable arrangements with each other. It has long been recognised that the consequences of entrenched parental conflict on children is extremely detrimental to their psychological and emotional wellbeing and that the children’s primary concern is usually about how well their parents get on with each other. 

Bill is now able to offer a unique opportunity for parents in England and Wales to help them to come to an agreement with each other that will allow their children to thrive in the knowledge that both their parents will be able to work together. 

The evening will include an interactive example of how Bill works in practice and should not be missed. 

Please register your attendance using the 'Accept' button either above or below.

We very much hope that you will be able to join us.

Kind regards

BCLP London Family Asset Protection team





Event details

Date: Tuesday 24 September


5.30pm - Registration & coffee
6.00pm - Seminar & questions

7.00pm - Drinks & canapes


Adelaide House, London Bridge,
London EC4R 9HA (map)



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CONFERENCE: FMA Conference 20-21 Sept 2016

Bill Hewlett will be presenting a workshop with Ruth Smallacombe at the 2016 Family Mediators Association Annual Conference. The workshop, 'The voice of parents is the voice of gods', will be based on child focused mediation. Participants will learn how to take information from a child and use it constructively to influence parents for positive change.


CONFERENCE: 2016 Dispute Resolution Conference

Bill Hewlett will be presenting at this year's Dispute Resolution Conference at a workshop called, 'How to Keep your Client out of the Warehouse of Resentment'. 

Many dispute resolution clients present with a story that holds no tolerance for the perspective of the other person, this lack of reflective capacity is evidence they have probably suffered social trauma early in their own lives, where as children their capacity to be accountable has been teased and shamed out of them. This workshop will demonstrate, with the use of an actor, how to assist the stuck client to acknowledge their part in their conflict, whilst keeping their sense of self reliably intact. This massively reduces the intransigence normally associated with dispute resolution processes. 

2016 Dispute Resolution Conference, Nottingham
13-14 October 2016