RESOURCE: The Story of Neo

The Story of Neo is a short animation produced by Relationships Australia NSW and Iris Pictures. It was co-directed and devised by Bill Hewlett. It shows how the quality of the parents' relationship  impacts on a child and how resilience can allow the child to thrive in an environment of parental harmony.  

This film has been shown in conferences in Australia and overseas. To find out more visit

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NEWSLETTER ARTICLE: Mediation clients are often victims of trauma

Mediation clients are often victims of trauma

April 2016
Published through the Family Mediators Association UK

I have recently returned to the UK from Australia, where I have been practicing for many years in a senior clinical role as a mediator, family therapist and member of an interdisciplinary collaborative law team whilst working for Relationships Australia New South Wales.  This is a large and, by comparison with the UK, well funded organisation that is primarily focused on counselling and post separation services that support parents to come to collaborative agreements in relation to financial matters and arrangements for children.

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