CONFERENCE: 2016 Dispute Resolution Conference

Bill Hewlett will be presenting at this year's Dispute Resolution Conference at a workshop called, 'How to Keep your Client out of the Warehouse of Resentment'. 

Many dispute resolution clients present with a story that holds no tolerance for the perspective of the other person, this lack of reflective capacity is evidence they have probably suffered social trauma early in their own lives, where as children their capacity to be accountable has been teased and shamed out of them. This workshop will demonstrate, with the use of an actor, how to assist the stuck client to acknowledge their part in their conflict, whilst keeping their sense of self reliably intact. This massively reduces the intransigence normally associated with dispute resolution processes. 

2016 Dispute Resolution Conference, Nottingham
13-14 October 2016



NEWSLETTER ARTICLE: Mediation clients are often victims of trauma

Mediation clients are often victims of trauma

April 2016
Published through the Family Mediators Association UK

I have recently returned to the UK from Australia, where I have been practicing for many years in a senior clinical role as a mediator, family therapist and member of an interdisciplinary collaborative law team whilst working for Relationships Australia New South Wales.  This is a large and, by comparison with the UK, well funded organisation that is primarily focused on counselling and post separation services that support parents to come to collaborative agreements in relation to financial matters and arrangements for children.

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